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The gifts of Winter may be difficult to embrace since this season can also include illness, severe cold, hardship and a descent into darkness, not only with longer nights and shorter daylight, but with a descent into the hidden shadowy places of the psyche. However, in Chinese medicine, this most yin and inward season, is meant to be one of greater rest and energy restoration. Winter also carries the qualities of patience, purification and perseverance.

The kidney is the organ of winter and the seat of both fear and courage, plus it is the storehouse of our ancestral energy. Allowing ourselves to sleep more can help to replenish this ‘Jing’ reserve. Eating warming and seasonal foods like squashes and potatoes in soups and stews is highly recommended. Come in for a Jing kidney and adrenal tune-up for 15 % off until Feb.1 2023. Meanwhile best wishes for the holidays.


Cherry BlossomsSpring greetings from Inner Balance. It’s the season of the liver, the organ associated with spring in Chinese medicine. The liver is also regarded as the general of the body and subordinate to the ruler, which is the heart. According to TCM, the liver houses the will and if toxic it may hold onto anger and resentment. So spring is a very good time to tonify and cleanse the liver with veggies like beets and artichokes and green juices, along with occasional apples. You could even forage for nettle and dandelion and make a spring tonic and cleansing tea for the liver, and drink it while focusing on letting go of any stuck energy in that area.

Since the liver is responsible for 500 functions in the body and is the main detoxification system, it’s important to keep the liver healthy. So we’re offering a special spring acupuncture tune-up or holistic health consultation for a 15% discount until May 1st. Call 858-7555-5215 to make an appointment. Happy Spring!

Anxiety Increasing During COVID

woman concernedAnxiety, Worry, and Depression are increasing conditions especially during this pandemic time. These conditions make us feel trapped and powerless causing us to miss out on valuable present moments and in turn rob us from living joyfully. This blog will explore different ways that acupuncture can help manage these conditions naturally and effectively. In Chinese Medicine the heart not only refers to the physical heart but also refers to the energetic role of the heart in the body. According to Chinese Medicine the heart is considered to reflect the mind and plays a major role in the function of the body.

Anxiety, worry, and depression overtax the mind and thus weakens the heart energetic system creating negative behavioral patterns to surface. These unhealthy behavioral patterns greatly interfere in normal day to day activities. Other aspects of modern life such as overwork, insufficient sleep, and overwhelming stimuli such as social media and cell phone usage add more fuel to these disorders. Acupuncture can be used to calm the mind and body and to replenish the heart center.

In addition to acupuncture I use Chinese Herbal prescriptions that target these specific disorders. I also use nutritional supplements which I believe are equally as important to complement the Chinese prescriptions.

Other recommendations used for anxiety, depression and worry are, moderate exercise (i.e. yoga, walking/running, swimming), getting good quality sleep, getting relaxation and meditation time, getting out and enjoy the beauty of nature, and eating a well balanced diet.

If you are interested in acupuncture I would love to book you in for a free 15 minute consultation to discuss any questions that you may have or you can call to set up and appointment with me.

Thank you and I wish you good health!!

Charles Mayberry, L.Ac.

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