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The gifts of Winter may be difficult to embrace since this season can also include illness, severe cold, hardship and a descent into darkness, not only with longer nights and shorter daylight, but with a descent into the hidden shadowy places of the psyche. However, in Chinese medicine, this most yin and inward season, is meant to be one of greater rest and energy restoration. Winter also carries the qualities of patience, purification and perseverance.

The kidney is the organ of winter and the seat of both fear and courage, plus it is the storehouse of our ancestral energy. Allowing ourselves to sleep more can help to replenish this ‘Jing’ reserve. Eating warming and seasonal foods like squashes and potatoes in soups and stews is highly recommended. Come in for a Jing kidney and adrenal tune-up for 15 % off until Feb.1 2023. Meanwhile best wishes for the holidays.

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