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Dr. Shanti Mayberry, HHP, PH.D.

Shanti Mayberry | Inner BalanceIn practice for over 35 years, Dr. Shanti is skilled in helping her clients uncover their innate healing powers, transform pain and trauma, discover their soul’s deepest calling and manifest their most fulfilling, authentic life. Her work integrates somatic, depth and ecopsychology along with several East/West spiritual disciplines and Earth wisdom traditions. She works at Inner Balance Health Group, an integrative health center that she co-founded with her acupuncture partners in San Diego, CA.

Known for her insight, down to earth perspective and vivid personal stories, Shanti has a Ph.D. in psychology, an MA from the University of New York and a BA, magna cum laude, from UC Berkeley. She is an Ecopsychologist, holistic health consultant, university teacher, meditation and movement instructor and Essene minister of natural healing.

As part of her contemplative path, she has been blessed with opportunities to meet and practice with numerous spiritual leaders, including sages from India, Buddhist and Taoist masters and the Dalai Lama. She has taught Yoga, T’ai Chi, and Expressive Dance for many years and recently developed a synthesis of these movement forms, which helped her recover from severe back and leg pain. These therapeutic movements are now part of a pain relief program she shares with clients.

Through classes, private sessions, seminars, and international retreats, Dr. Shanti has taught nature-based healthcare, women’s empowerment, depth psychology, somatic therapies, and new paradigm principles to thousands of clients and students. She also served as an instructor at the California Naturopathic College and was an adjunct professor of somatic studies and Jungian depth psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara.

Her writing has appeared in several nature publications and peer-reviewed journals and she is currently completing a book on the ecological paradigm and the new cultural era we are entering. Dr. Shanti believes that restoring the bond between inner and outer nature is imperative now for our survival as a species and also for personal and planetary wellbeing. She lives with her extended family and wildlife visitors near a nature preserve in Southern California where she enjoys gardening and a vibrant, creative nature-oriented lifestyle.

Dr. Shanti offers three holistic, nature-based programs that include meditative self-inquiry:

  • Healthy Sage Aging for Women
  • Befriending and Transforming Pain
  • Our Ecological Self



“Working with Shanti is one of the best things I’ve done in my life.”

“She is an inspiring teacher and a five-star university professor.”

“I was immediately drawn to Shanti’s style of teaching and her passion for holistic and natural health. I have come to regard her as one of the most important mentors in my life.”

“She lives her truth; her authenticity is completely genuine. She is always willing to share her wisdom and knowledge while remaining compassionate, supportive, honest, patient and ethical.”

“Shanti is an inspiring soul with an endless wealth of knowledge.”

“Her teaching has had a profound effect on my life!”

“Shanti is very knowledgeable and her life experiences enrich her teachings.”

“Thank you for encouraging us to take that leap of faith in order to flourish, heal and shine.” N.Z.

“Deep gratitude for you! Your clarity and steady expression is inspiring. I love your message of gentle perseverance and hope.” K.T.

“Thank you for baring your soul so that others may grow. Your story is so inspiring.” P.F.

“Every word written is what I needed to hear. You mirror beautiful power to us.” E.Z.

“There is truth, wisdom and heart in your words, peace in your expression and light in your eyes! Thank you for this inspiration.” A.B.

“Your words truly resonate and your light is shining through.” V.A.

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