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SUMMER – Season of the Heart

Sunflower | SUMMER Season of the HeartSummer is approaching! In Chinese medicine, this season is associated with the Heart, the fire element and Yang outgoing energies. It’s the time when we feel the urge to travel, leave behind the familiar and the routine and open to new adventures and people. Now with the pandemic shutdown easing in some places, many of us are longing to travel to see family and friends from whom we’ve been separated during the past year or to venture out boldly into nature.

The Heart’s natural emotion is joy, but if the fire element is imbalanced, there may be symptoms of mania, agitation, heart disorders and insomnia. To maintain wellbeing and harmony with nature in summer, it is suggested that we eat ‘cooling’ yin foods, such as leafy greens, vegetables and juicy fruits like melons, all of which are in season.

For a heartful and harmonious start to summer, come in for a special acupuncture or holistic health session at a 15 % discount, good now until July 4th. Call 858-755-5215 to schedule your appointment.

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Spring into Well-being

Spring into Well-being | Inner Balance Health GroupWelcome to the blossoming forth of Spring and nature’s blessings of renewal, growth and balance. We’re celebrating with a special offer of 15% off of an acupuncture session or a Holistic Health consultation.

In Chinese medicine, the liver and gall-bladder are the organs associated with the Spring season, which is also a good time for a detoxifying cleanse. With over five hundred essential functions, the liver is regarded as the ‘general’ of the body in service to the ‘ruler’ or heart. If there is stagnation or toxicity in the liver, there may be digestive issues along with feelings of irritation or stuck anger and resentment, the emotions associated with the liver.

So this is the season to ‘love your liver’ and to harmonize its functioning with a Spring tune-up. We hope to see you soon. Meanwhile connect with nature by gardening and getting your hands in the dirt for a dose of the soil bacteria that is good for your gut and immune system. Spring Cheers!

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Happy Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year | Inner Balance Health GroupWelcome to the Year of the Ox, thought to bring good fortune through persevering effort and work. This annual Spring festival lasts at least two weeks in China and is full of feasting, family reunions, ceremonies and rituals to ensure health and prosperity in the new year. So to celebrate, we’re offering a new year’s acupuncture session to support your Spring wellbeing at a 15 % discount!

Call Charles at 858-755-5215 to book an appointment.

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A Better Winter Rest with Acupuncture

Better Winter Rest with acupunctureIt is the time of winter where the days are shorter and people tend to sleep more. Our days as humans are divided into two periods. One for sleep and one for wakefulness. Which is referred to as a monophasic sleep pattern. During a 24 hour period our bodies are programmed for two periods of intense sleepiness per day between 2-4 AM and 1-3 PM.

In our rushed society we are programmed to sleep in one long period, vs. napping during the day. Siestas are practiced in many countries such as Spain, China and the Philippines. Scientific evidence has proven that napping during the day lowers the risk of heart attack and stroke by reducing stress in the body. Napping also helps with Diabetes. Short 20 minute naps also help with mood, mental alertness, and productivity. Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison were known to be afternoon nappers.

Before you nap be sure to avoid foods that contain caffeine, sugar and fat, for these can interfere with your ability to fall asleep. Foods high in Calcium and protein actually will help promote sleep. Find a quiet place and preferably be in a lying down position. For people who have difficulty sleeping acupuncture along with Chinese Herbs and nutrition can be helpful. A good nights sleep can be very restorative to the body. Enjoy a nice winter’s sleep.

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Fall & Winter Immune System Health

ginger teaAs we transition into the fall and winter seasons it is important to take care of our bodies to protect and build our immune systems. Here are some tips to help in the new seasons.
*Acupuncture is always effective in assisting the body in transitioning from one season to another. It is helpful especially if you are prone to fall allergies, colds, flu’s, pneumonia etc. There are many excellent herbal formulas to help strengthen the lung qi such as astragalus, Jade Screen Formula, and Echinacea to name a few.

Some dietary suggestions would be the following.

  1. Enjoy more cooked veggies and room temperature or hot beverages to help support spleen energy.
  2. Consume more root veggies such as carrots, onions, winter squash, turnips etc. These vegetables will tonify spleen energy in the body.
  3. Drink ginger tea which strengthens both lung and spleen energy. It is delicious when prepared with a bit of honey, which is helpful for allergies with a bit of lemon.

Exercise also strengthens the immune system and reduces stress stored in the body. Here is a YouTube website for a shoulder exercise to loosen up the neck and upper body.

Enjoy the fall season and be healthy!!

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