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Midsummer Well Being with Acupuncture & Holistic Health

Woman Midsummer Acupuncture and Holistic HealthBoth Chinese medicine and holistic health believe in seasonal approaches to wellness. Since humans are part of nature, our bodies reflect and respond to the natural world.

At Midsummer, the fire and yang energies are at their peak, and we must be take care not to get over-heated and to stay hydrated, especially as our climate crisis intensifies. Treatments that tonify and balance yang Qi can be very beneficial at this time.

The heart is the organ ascribed to the summer season. It is considered to be the ruler of the body and the seat of joy. The opportunity to cultivate a healthy heart-centered approach to life is the gift of Midsummer.

If the heart is in balance, it will be a kind leader, but if it is imbalanced, there may be experiences of insomnia, excess sweating, restlessness or depression. So come in soon for a midsummer tune-up and receive a 15 % discount on acupuncture or holistic health or ecotherapy treatments.

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