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Fall & Winter Immune System Health

ginger teaAs we transition into the fall and winter seasons it is important to take care of our bodies to protect and build our immune systems. Here are some tips to help in the new seasons.
*Acupuncture is always effective in assisting the body in transitioning from one season to another. It is helpful especially if you are prone to fall allergies, colds, flu’s, pneumonia etc. There are many excellent herbal formulas to help strengthen the lung qi such as astragalus, Jade Screen Formula, and Echinacea to name a few.

Some dietary suggestions would be the following.

  1. Enjoy more cooked veggies and room temperature or hot beverages to help support spleen energy.
  2. Consume more root veggies such as carrots, onions, winter squash, turnips etc. These vegetables will tonify spleen energy in the body.
  3. Drink ginger tea which strengthens both lung and spleen energy. It is delicious when prepared with a bit of honey, which is helpful for allergies with a bit of lemon.

Exercise also strengthens the immune system and reduces stress stored in the body. Here is a YouTube website for a shoulder exercise to loosen up the neck and upper body.

Enjoy the fall season and be healthy!!

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