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A Better Winter Rest with Acupuncture

Better Winter Rest with acupunctureIt is the time of winter where the days are shorter and people tend to sleep more. Our days as humans are divided into two periods. One for sleep and one for wakefulness. Which is referred to as a monophasic sleep pattern. During a 24 hour period our bodies are programmed for two periods of intense sleepiness per day between 2-4 AM and 1-3 PM.

In our rushed society we are programmed to sleep in one long period, vs. napping during the day. Siestas are practiced in many countries such as Spain, China and the Philippines. Scientific evidence has proven that napping during the day lowers the risk of heart attack and stroke by reducing stress in the body. Napping also helps with Diabetes. Short 20 minute naps also help with mood, mental alertness, and productivity. Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison were known to be afternoon nappers.

Before you nap be sure to avoid foods that contain caffeine, sugar and fat, for these can interfere with your ability to fall asleep. Foods high in Calcium and protein actually will help promote sleep. Find a quiet place and preferably be in a lying down position. For people who have difficulty sleeping acupuncture along with Chinese Herbs and nutrition can be helpful. A good nights sleep can be very restorative to the body. Enjoy a nice winter’s sleep.

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