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Summer is approaching!

decorative photo of flower with sunbreaks behind itSummer is approaching! In Chinese medicine, this season is associated with the Heart, the fire element and Yang outgoing energies. It’s the time when we feel the urge to travel, leave behind the familiar and the routine and open to new adventures and people. Now with the pandemic shutdown easing in some places, many of us are longing to travel to see family and friends from whom we’ve been separated during the past year or to venture out boldly into nature.

The Heart’s natural emotion is joy, but if the fire element is imbalanced, there may be symptoms of mania, agitation, heart disorders and insomnia. To maintain wellbeing and harmony with nature in summer, it is suggested that we eat ‘cooling’ yin foods, such as leafy greens, vegetables and juicy fruits like melons, all of which are in season.

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