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Spring into Well-being

Spring into Well-being | Inner Balance Health GroupWelcome to the blossoming forth of Spring and nature’s blessings of renewal, growth and balance. We’re celebrating with a special offer of 15% off of an acupuncture session or a Holistic Health consultation.

In Chinese medicine, the liver and gall-bladder are the organs associated with the Spring season, which is also a good time for a detoxifying cleanse. With over five hundred essential functions, the liver is regarded as the ‘general’ of the body in service to the ‘ruler’ or heart. If there is stagnation or toxicity in the liver, there may be digestive issues along with feelings of irritation or stuck anger and resentment, the emotions associated with the liver.

So this is the season to ‘love your liver’ and to harmonize its functioning with a Spring tune-up. We hope to see you soon. Meanwhile connect with nature by gardening and getting your hands in the dirt for a dose of the soil bacteria that is good for your gut and immune system. Spring Cheers!

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